The range of luxury sports cars Aston Martins

The range of luxury sports cars Aston Martins, Despite this heritage, each sports car is the product of the most recent technologies. The latest proposals supported by the computer and mechanical devices to create new cars, that can be the pride of generations. If you want to own the Aston Martin, you can be sure that you are not only getting a famous name, but also the type of technology, which is on the road. Here are some of the wagons on the extent of Aston Martin is worth knowing about.

Aston DBS is a luxury sports car, which brings on the road and runway closer together. It is universal enough for use in the winding mountain road or on a flat and open city communications. DBS is powered by a 6 l V12 engine and aerodynamic design leaves no room for compromise for on-road performance. It is a two-seater car, which boasts an elegant interior in the hands of the final product. It can easily be said that Aston Martin sports car or luxury, elegant design, which uses racing-derived materials and components and has inspired and innovative manufacturing process.

DB9 is considered Grand Tourer. It can be as big as the DB9 Coupe or DB9 Volante. All three offer the highest character, luxury refinements and driver involvement. The DBS Volante is added to lineup DBS. Is equipped with a motorised textile roof, which slide Easily after you enter the command. You can feel happy, or in a safe atmosphere, depending on where you want your roof up or down. Of course, as the Aston Martin DBS, its sports properties are top price.

Rapide is a four-sports car that can be described only as a luxury sports. As the hand-crafted cars species, this is an elegant appearance and excellent performance. Despite his being a high-end sports car, that's nifty and universal enough for everyday use.

V12 Vantage uses a 6-litre V12-engine. Has a maximum speed of 190 mph. This latest unique Vantage exudes character and is developed for the pure joy of driving. As Aston, used materials and components, which are developed and inspired by their race.