Muscle Cars Vs Sports Cars

Muscle Cars Vs Sports Cars, Well before World War II, the American automakers as well as car companies from several European countries had started to produce extremely fast and powerful car. Certainly, such a notion wasn't funny at the time, but these cars were particularly expensive and suitable for high-end customers who have had a great need for speed. As the years 1950 and 1960 approached, producers started to put out what they referred to as muscle cars, which were high-powered, high accelerations that vehicles have provided the same power of high-end models developed previously, unless it was for a much more affordable price

Ironically, if you want to own a muscle car today, you must be willing to pay about the same price as you would for a European sports cars or more. Since many of the popular muscle car are no longer in production, are quite rare, and therefore quite expensive. As an example, a 1970 Chevelle mint condition can cost upwards of $ 50,000 or more. A rare 1970 Superbird, even one that needs replacing, can sell for $ 100,000 or more. This is because only 2,000 of these models were ever produced.

Often, the difference between owning a sports car and a muscle car is not for the cost, but the preference of the owner. If someone wants a sleek, low profile car that catches people's attention, and oozes class and distinction, would probably opt for a sports car. Those who love the raw power and looks of a muscle car, will be more than happy to pay a similar price for a top of the range of their choice.

In the end, there will always be debate on sports cars against muscle cars. Some people will tell you that all belong to the same category, while others vehemently deny these cars should never be categorized together. In fact, what matters is that the car you buy is you are a happy and proud. We hope it is one that you want to show off and was the pupil of your eyes, even ten years after it was purchased!

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